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From white papers, to videos, to podcasts - our library of resources is here to help you keep track of the IoT’s development, and how Quectel helps its customers succeed in a fast-paced and competitive market

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New Product Intro: SG560D smart module

cc660d-ls ntn satellite communication module

New Product Intro: CC660D-LS NTN satellite communication module

High-precision GNSS video: RTK and dead reckoning demo

EVB kit unboxing: Smart EVB Kit

tank monitoring white paper

Remote tank monitoring white paper

FCS850R Wi-Fi & Bluetooth module

New Product Intro: FCS850R Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module

IoT for Good

IoT for Good video

New Product Intro: YEMX223J1A and YEMX425J1A 5G combo antennas

GNSS white paper shows how high precision GNSS positioning techniques improve accuracy of outdoor and industrial devices

GNSS white paper

New Product Intro: YEMN926J1 5G/GNSS combo antenna

em060k lte-a module

New Product Intro: EM060K LTE-A module

programme a smart weather station

QuecPython tutorial video: programming a smart weather station

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