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Certification white paper

How to accelerate, simplify and optimize IoT device certification

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Learn how to navigate the complexities of IoT device certification

IoT device certification and testing is essential to the release of any connected product. Certification is an inescapable requirement for all new IoT devices, and requires investment of time and money to ensure that the devices can be deployed in each target country and comply with all local requirements.

Yet few IoT organizations have the time or skills to understand the variations and in-depth detail of the global certifications landscape. To help you decide which approach is best for your business, this white paper on IoT device certification sets out the complexities of certification, and explains how to optimize your organization’s approach to obtaining certification.

Going directly to certification organizations can mean taking up to six months to gain certifications. For many IoT use cases a six-month delay to launch is unacceptable and could make or break a proposition in markets where being first-to-launch is a critical differentiator.

Specifying pre-certified modules is one way to optimize speed in achieving certifications. Certification agents can handle the process on behalf of device OEMs, and their customers and this can be a good way for IoT service providers to avoid the costs and delays typically associated with gaining all the necessary certifications a device needs to be sold and to operate in a market.

There’s a lot more to the process than this however, which is why Quectel offers a comprehensive certification and testing portfolio through Quectel Certification Services, which deliver a range of professional services and management tools, depending on each customer’s needs. Download the white paper below to learn more about the challenges you may face, the impacts those may have on product launch timeframes, and how we can help.

Read our free white paper to learn more about:

The certification landscape

How to seek expert support

Driving down certification costs