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5G modules white paper

Six verticals that uncover 5G’s value in IoT

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Learn about 5G’s current IoT use cases and the state of the market

5G is already transforming connected life where it has been deployed, with data rates ten times faster than 4G, unprecedented reliability, and ultra-low latency of 1-10ms. 5G’s economic impact however is yet to be truly felt, as the business innovations it supports are only now being fully enabled – but the opportunities for enterprise are now growing rapidly for those equipped to take advantage of this step change in connectivity.

Our new white paper examines real-life examples of how 5G is being used in six key verticals – including agriculture, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, media and smart cities – and considers why and when business should use it for IoT applications. With a growing number of commercial networks becoming established internationally, there is now a large and significant base ready for industries to utilize. Mobile operators and businesses are most clearly committed to the technology and recognizing the benefits, and it’s estimated that 5G will account for 20% of global connections by 2025.

Even the highest performance versions of LTE, such as LTE-Advanced and LTE-Advanced Pro, do not come close to the performance of 5G which truly brings in a step change in both data rates and low latency. This makes 5G the first cellular technology to be suitable for mission critical applications as well as media applications that are highly sensitive to latency.

While many IoT applications and organizations do not currently need the capacity and low latency that 5G offers, as 2G cellular networks being retired and the substitution of 2G with narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) becoming massive around the globe, the opportunity for IoT is starting to present itself and there are specific sectors detailed in this white paper that are pave the way. Quectel has always been at the forefront of this area and designed the first 5G module – read our white paper to learn more about 5G, how to make the most of it for key use cases, and how we can help.

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5G’s current deployment status

Key differences between 4G and 5G

Barriers to 5G adoption in IoT