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QuecPython white paper

Develop IoT products in less than 30 minutes

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How to accelerate IoT product development using Python code

To accommodate the rapid growth of the IoT, developers now need to program an increasing number of devices with greater complexity, and at speed. Old approaches are too slow and cumbersome – but fast, flexible programming, using the Python language and the QuecPython environment for execution, is enabling IoT organizations to develop their products in less than 30 minutes. QuecPython is a programming environment enabling IoT solution designers to run their application code directly on a cellular module’s CPU, without requiring an external MCU.

This allows innovators to adapt our modules quickly with a low-code approach to suit their precise requirements in less time and at reduced cost. As technologists come under increasingly intense pressure to bring connected products to market quickly, QuecPython provides Quectel customers with a valuable route to simplifying and streamlining IoT development. You can see it being used to program a smart weather station at speed in a short demo video here.

QuecPython has several substantial advantages in comparison to traditional programming methods. As a cross-platform system that requires no application code changes, it can seamlessly switch between multiple modules. With scripting language development, there is no need to compile code because what you write is what you get. Integrated writing, debugging and dynamic script loading ensure simpler and more flexible application upgrades.

For IoT product development, the readability and simplicity of Python, as well as its versatility and familiarity, makes it attractive to a wide range of developers. In addition to data scientists, the language is used by programmers, network engineers and workers from outside traditional computing disciplines who find its user-friendly attributes appealing. Read our white paper to find out how QuecPython makes coding applications for IoT modules much quicker and more straightforward.

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