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Industry-leading IoT webinars on how to
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Feb 27 2024 12:00 - 14:00 EST (New York)

Flexible wireless connectivity with external and combo antennas – North America

The enormous variety between different external and combo antennas can make antenna selection a complex process – but one which must be undertaken carefully for solution builders to achieve the best results from their IoT device designs. In this Masterclass we explain how to select the right antennas for your next IoT project, and how to optimize their application across a range of wireless technologies including 5G, LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS/GNSS.

This expert-led webinar offers device designers in North America a deep-dive on best practice when working with external and combo antennas – including how to calculate cable losses, selecting the right cable types, and best practice on ensuring seamless communication. We’ll also explain different IP rating standards and various international certification requirements, helping you master the essentials antenna durability and regulatory compliance.

Join us as we navigate the challenges of antenna selection and installation, and enrich your understanding of today’s IoT antenna market – with insightful case studies to help you decide which antenna suits your requirements, so you can make informed decisions in the design of almost any IoT solution.

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The benefits of smart modules in edge computing IoT: APAC

Edge computing applications require modules that support a range of processes concurrently, such as sophisticated data collection and analysis, and real-time decision-making. Quectel’s smart modules are engineered for enduring edge computing applications incorporating cutting-edge hardware like high-performance SOCs from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Unisoc. These enable our smart modules to provide edge computing capabilities, and various functions such as video and audio processing. Quectel’s smart modules are also compatible with 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, GNSS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and multiple operating systems such as Android, Yocto Linux, Ubuntu and Windows.

In this Masterclass webinar our experts explain which smart modules are best for the variety of edge computing applications, and how they enable advanced levels of automation, efficiency, and intelligent connected environments. Learn about the role they’ll play in transforming industries such as smart homes, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and more.  

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