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Mar 22 2023 11:00 - 13:00 BRT

Diferenças entre SIM/eSIM e sistemas de conectividade - Comparing SIM and eSIM connectivity (Portuguese)

Para escolher o melhor tipo de SIMcard é essencial pensar em alguns pontos como, o tamanho da dimensão do hardware, segurança, praticidade e conectividade. Nosso time de Engenheiros irá abordar os principais modelos no mercado, quais os pontos chaves de hardware para a melhor tomada de decisão, além de explorar a conectividade como serviço.


5G RedCap: innovation and opportunities

Reduced capability (RedCap) 5G networks significantly increase 5G’s ability to support IoT solutions that rely on advanced features of 5G other than purely high speed. Ideal for applications that require high reliability and speeds typically between ultra eMBB and LPWA, RedCap will enable deployment of billions of new IoT devices and services.

RedCap’s ability to accommodate such a broad range of applications in a single network means more cost-effective IoT deployments in multiple sectors, such as industrial IoT, smart energy, and remote monitoring and control. Understanding this new form of connectivity – and crucially, the best way to use it with your IoT devices – is essential for many companies looking to make advanced IoT deployments. In this Masterclass, our experts explain how to make the most of 5G RedCap, and how our portfolio of products can help.

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