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Industry-leading IoT webinars on how to
build a smarter world


Sep 20 2023 11:00 - 13:00 EDT (New York)

IoT device security: mastering best practices and design essentials

Implementing IoT device security by design – supported by best practices on transparency, testing, compliance and network security – is essential for any organization working in connected technologies. In this Masterclass, featuring senior figures from the GSMA, Finite State and Quectel, experts explain the crucial security principles that underpin secure IoT devices built for a rapidly evolving ecosystem. We’ll discuss stack functions, clarify commonly misunderstood issues, and cover the standards and guidelines which will help ensure the security of your devices and data. 

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Using QuecOpen in an MTK platform

QuecOpen is a versatile application mode compatible with MTK platforms. By using it, developers can easily create IoT applications with a simplified development process and streamlined hardware structure and design. The QuecOpen SDK is designed with a modular structure, which separates core protocol services and hardware abstraction layers, making it suitable for various development platforms and environments. This flexible configuration and multiple compilation modes help reduce product costs and enable developers to create more efficient and effective IoT solutions for MTK platforms in APAC and beyond. Watch this Masterclass to discover more about the new way to simplify IoT development.

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