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IoT for good white paper

Why IoT technology is a force for good

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IoT offers a better future through telehealth, smart farms and beyond

Using IoT for good is becoming a major goal for organizations using connected technology and there are now more ways than ever to achieve this. Organizations turning to the IoT to improve the quality and efficiency of their services are under increasing pressure to justify deployments based on social, economic and environmental impact.

Quectel’s white paper ‘Why IoT technology is a force for good’ details several case studies on the key tech involved and its role in achieving these aims across sectors including healthcare, agriculture, information security and connected environmental services. Each case study also refers back to how our products are making it easier than ever to use connected tech to achieve IoT for good.

Where IoT’s relevance to healthcare and agriculture is well known, it also has applications for worker security, for example for mining networks, and for connecting populations through fixed wireless access. Additionally, IoT solutions are contributing to sustainability including through smart meters that optimize energy and water consumption to efficient route planning in vehicles.

The optimization of computing capabilities and a recognition of the importance of intelligent development has further made IoT accessible for a wider range of applications, from simple tracking apps to monitor patients’ medication consumption or the safety of lone workers to sensor networks that can help maximize crop yields for farms. IoT devices were also vital during the COVID-19 pandemic where vaccines needed to be shipped at a controlled temperature and that devices were constantly connected to the drug company’s control tower.

Read our white paper to learn more about how our transport, energy, healthcare, food, safety and education systems can be made more efficient, more environmentally friendly and of more benefit to humanity thanks to the latest connected innovations enabled by IoT.

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