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Global R&D Centers

Our team of over 2,300 R&D engineers spans three continents
, Global R&D Centers

4K sqm

Lab space

, Global R&D Centers


R&D engineers

, Global R&D Centers



Commitment to quality

Quectel’s commitment to build a smarter world relies on our ability to carry out world-class research. Our R&D capabilities span the globe with facilities located in Asia, Europe and the Americas and are dedicated to building teams of experts in technology hubs in the world’s most desirable locations.

Industry-leading research

We attract the best and brightest from around the world – and look forward to welcoming more to help us collaborate more closely with customers and partners in our mission to build a smarter world. We plan to add considerably to our global teams in the coming months – with a particular focus on embedded software and hardware engineers – to match our growth and ensure our customers receive the best.

, Global R&D Centers
, Global R&D Centers

State-of-the-art facilities

Constant investment in each of our R&D centers ensures our IoT products deliver the highest possible quality. Our facilities include brand new anechoic chambers and laboratories, making them the ideal environment to test solutions based on the latest emerging technologies. Each center also supports on-site customer testing, debugging and technical support.

, Global R&D Centers

Our worldwide locations

, Global R&D Centers Belgrade
, Global R&D Centers Guilin
, Global R&D Centers Penang
, Global R&D Centers Shanghai
, Global R&D Centers Wuhan
, Global R&D Centers Vancouver
, Global R&D Centers Foshan
, Global R&D Centers Hefei


Our new Belgrade R&D Center

See our Head of Sales discuss the new Belgrade facility with its General Manager – you can view a preview to the right, or click below for the full video 

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