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New Product Intro: YETN001L1A NTN satellite antenna

The YETN001L1A is one of our newest and most advanced satellite antenna – NA FAE Team Lead Nikola Tosic explains more in this short NPI video

The YETN001L1A NTN satellite antenna terminal is designed for remote satellite communication and supports both Orbcomm L band and GNSS L1, making it a high-performance satellite communication product designed specifically for the Orbcomm satellite network. With high signal gain and low noise figure, it ensures stable communication in adverse signal environments.

The compact and lightweight screw mount antenna is easy to install and suitable for various mobile applications. When combined with the Orbcomm satellite network, it can provide services such as real-time data transmission, remote monitoring, and emergency communication. Additionally, it supports GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo, the world’s leading satellite navigation systems.

Our antennas are characterized by high accuracy, low latency, and strong anti-interference performance. By receiving signals from multi-modal satellites, the YETN001L1A can achieve high-precision positioning and navigation in various environments.

Learn more about the YETN001L1A NTN satellite antenna

New Product Intro: YETN001L1A satellite antenna

NA FAE Team Lead Nikola Tosic explains the features of our new YETN001L1A satellite antenna