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Quectel announces 5G RedCap Rx255C module series to help expand the reach of 5G into more IoT applications and verticals

MWC Barcelona, February 27, 2023  – Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global IoT solutions provider, today  announces the launch of its 5G RedCap (Reduced Capability, also known as  NR-Light) modules, the Rx255C series. Based on Snapdragon® X35 5G Modem-RF  System from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., the new modules feature superior  wireless performance and low latency communication with 5G while providing  significant optimization in size, energy savings, and  cost-effectiveness. 

These characteristics make Snapdragon X35 and  Rx255C series the ideal option to help drive the reach of 5G technology into  a variety of new business verticals and mobile broadband scenarios, such as  entry level broadband, compute, industrial automation, smart city, smart  energy, and smart wearables. 

“Introducing our 5G  RedCap modules, based on Snapdragon X35 5G Modem-RF System, is a critical  step toward the 5G vision of connecting virtually everything around us,” said  Norbert Muhrer, President and CSO, Quectel Wireless Solutions. “The Rx255C  series offers a balance between cost and performance and will support the  large-scale deployment of 5G into sectors where high bandwidth is not needed,  but low cost and power consumption are crucial.” 

“We congratulate  Quectel on the launch of their new module products based on the world’s first  5G NR-Light modem-RF system, Snapdragon X35,” said Gautam Sheoran, vice  president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Our latest modem  features a streamlined and optimized architecture combined with system  enhancements to lower cost, reduce complexity, decrease power consumption,  and enable small form factor devices. With Snapdragon X35, OEMs now have  access to new 5G capabilities to create next-generation devices for a new era  of use cases.”  

Meeting the 3GPP Release  17 standards, the Rx255C series supports 5G standalone (SA) mode and a  maximum bandwidth of 20MHz on the sub-6GHz frequency band. Targeting all  markets worldwide, the 5G RedCap modules are backward compatible with LTE  networks and cover nearly all the mainstream carriers worldwide. They provide  a theoretical peak downlink data rate of around 220 Mbps and uplink data rate  of around 100 Mbps, sufficient to meet the demand for data speeds in IoT  applications such as robotics, DTU, drones, smart ports, smart grid, AR/VR  wearables, educational laptops as well as other entry level mobile broadband  devices. 

The support of 5G RedCap technology allows the Rx255C to  optimize the number of antennas, reduce the transmitting and receiving  bandwidth, and provide 64QAM/256QAM (optional) modulation to greatly optimize  the cost and size. The high level of integration and unique architecture of  Snapdragon X35 ensures that the modules also have a low power consumption  which drives 5G adoption in an entirely new category of  devices. 

The Rx255C series supports L1+L5 dual frequency GNSS to  achieve precise positioning services. They provide a wide range of interfaces  such as PCIe 2.0, USB 2.0 and supplementary functions including VoLTE and  DFOTA. 

To help customers to facilitate their designs, Quectel offers  a variety of high-performance 5G antennas which boost wireless connectivity  significantly. IoT developers can bundle the 5G RedCap Rx255C modules with  Quectel’s antennas and pre-certification services, reducing both cost and  time-to-market for their 5G IoT devices. 

Engineering samples  of the Rx255C will be available in the first half of 2023. To learn more,  visit the Quectel booth at MWC Barcelona 2023, Hall 5, Booth  5A20. 

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