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Quectel’s team of antenna and module engineers brings to their tasks a wide range of expertise and diverse mindset in solving RF technical problems across its entire product range. Our pioneering research ensures that our antennas and modules meet the demands of the industry’s highest performing communication products.

Quectel’s off-the-shelf and customized high-performance antenna portfolio boosts wireless connectivity significantly by offering the highest quality antenna and module products in the industry. Our antennas fit a range of applications, mounting options, combinations, and environment requirements with both embedded and external solutions.

We are excited to offer our 5G high-performance antenna technology, developed in conjunction with our second generation 5G new radio (NR) modules to handle the increased speed, capacity, and bandwidth demand of today’s growing networks. Offering both embedded and external antennas as well as combination solutions combining other protocols, these sub-6 GHz 5G antennas achieve excellent broadband performance, particularly at the lower bands.

As your product development progresses, Quectel’s engineers will assist you through your product development cycle, making the antenna design journey easier and faster. Our well-established test facilities are equipped with the latest state of art equipment to perform any RF testing to assist and support you during antenna design and performance/qualification testing.

Looking for something outside of our standard product range? Our experienced engineers offer bespoke antenna design using the latest technology and materials to enable high performance wireless networking. Providing a full consultancy service, detailed testing and reports to help you achieve certification & network approval.

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