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Quectel releases new 4G/5G, LPWA and GNSS antennas to help customers optimize device performance

Vancouver, 11 July 2023: Quectel  Wireless Solutions, an IoT global solutions provider, proudly announces the  launch of an exciting line-up of antennas designed to meet a wide spectrum of  requirements:

  • YEMN926J1A:  This state-of-the-art 9-in-1 5G screw mount combo antenna is at the forefront  of technology. It offers superior performance for 5G networks and is designed  with a screw mount for easy installation.
  • YECW000N1A:  This external antenna is specifically optimized for low power wide area  (LPWA) networks. It provides excellent connectivity for LPWA applications and  ensures reliable and efficient communication.
  • YEGT000W8A:  Our advanced active global satellite navigation system (GNSS) L1 and L5  antenna, ideal for precise positioning and timing. It offers enhanced  accuracy and reliability for GNSS applications.

These antennas showcase  cutting-edge technology and are designed to meet the demands of today’s  connectivity requirements.

“We’re proud to launch these three new antennas  which further add to our range of 4G/5G, LPWA and GNSS antennas,” said  Norbert Muhrer, President and CSO, Quectel Wireless Solutions. “Antennas are  often overlooked during device development but it’s important to enable  developers with antennas that can be optimized for their specific use cases  and provide them with the performance they need to meet their application  needs. These new antennas provide customers with even greater opportunities  to optimize their solutions as they build a smarter world.”

The YEMN926J1A is a  9-in-1 5G screw mount combo antenna optimized for 5G and 4G networks. It  includes a GNSS antenna and measures 167mm x 57mm. Both RoHS and REACH  compliant, the combo antenna also is IP67 and IP69K rated which means it  offers complete protection against ingress of dust and airborne particles as  well as protection against water and liquids up to and including immersion in  up to 1m of water. The IP69K rating also means the product can withstand  washdown pressure of 80-100 bar in phases of 14-16 l/min at temperatures of  up to 80°C.

The ultra-wide-band 5G/4G antenna box provides broad coverage  from 600-6,000MHz while offering support for 3G and 2G networks as well at  Cat-M and NB-IoT. The antenna is designed to work with various ground plane  sizes or in free space for ease of integration with nine cable connections on  the antenna as required and cable length options from 300mm to 5000mm,  terminated with SMA connectors. The screw mount omnidirectional antenna is  easy to install with maximized durability and is compatible with Quectel’s  RM520x series modules.

The YECW00N1A external antenna offers high  efficiency with a low profile and is optimized for LPWA connections. With  dimensions of 149.73mm x 49.91mm x 35.5mm, the antenna operates in the  450-470MHz, 700-960MHz and 1710-2690MHz frequency bands. The external 4G  antenna covers the main LTE bands and is also compatible with 3G, 2G and LPWA  bands.

RoHS  compliant, the YECW00N1A has been carefully designed so it is minimally  influenced by the internal environment of devices it is connected to. This  enables it to deliver better efficiency, radiation and gain while providing  optimized performance for customers’ products. A further advantage is that  Quectel offers flexible installation options with custom cable lengths and  connectors available.

Completing Quectel’s latest antenna  introductions, the YEGT000W8A is an active GNSS L1 and L5 antenna that  supports the 1164-1189MHz and 1559-1606MHz frequency bands. With dimensions  of 65mm x 45mm, the GNSS antenna is RoHS and IP67 compliant.

The YEGT000W8A offers  a choice of configurations to guarantee the most suitable polarization type  and was specifically developed for 5G RAN timing. Quectel’s positioning  products support single-band or multi-band operation modes to meet various  high- precision positioning requirements of customers’ products. Customized  connector types and cable lengths are provided according to customers’  requirements.

In  addition to providing antennas, Quectel also provides comprehensive antenna  design support which includes simulation, testing and manufacturing for  custom antenna solutions to meet customers’ specific application needs. This  support, allied to innovative antennas, helps enable customers to optimize  device performance.

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