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Enhanced GNSS in e-scooters and smart lawn mowers

E-scooters and smart lawn mowers are two of the most commercially successful IoT products in recent years and have been widely adopted across the globe. Research indicates that the e-scooters market will be valued at $37.44bn by 2028, growing at a 13% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2022 to 2028. The smart lawn mower market is on a similar growth trajectory and is projected to grow from $1.48bn in 2021 to $4.04bn in 2028, at a CAGR of 15.5%.

For these devices, enhanced GNSS is crucial in providing the ultra-precise location data required for their operation. Capabilities such as high-precision GNSS and dead reckoning are transforming micro-mobility by providing location services accurate within mere centimeters. Enhanced GNSS also plays a key role in collision detection and prevention – both of which are essential for smart mobility in the C-V2X and 5G era. High-precision GNSS and dead reckoning modules such as the LC29H series enhance existing GNSS capabilities by enabling precise location data even when devices are in obstructed locations, such as tunnels.

E-scooters and smart lawn mowers are making everyday life safer and more convenient for those that adopt them and represent a broader trend towards acceptance and adoption of IoT devices. Capitalizing on these markets is an opportunity for device manufacturers to establish themselves as a trusted long-term supplier of IoT products in an increasingly connected world. This Masterclass, led by our in-house experts, is the perfect opportunity to understand how enhanced GNSS IoT modules and antennas can be used to make your smart mobility devices more competitive and easier to get to market.



Introduction to micro-mobility and robotic lawn mower applications

Introduction to the pain points of existing solutions

Introduction to the different technologies and their benefits and limitations

List of applications which require precise location features

Examination of our solutions and their performance and testing setup


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