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Our white papers provide insight into the industry's latest breakthroughs

Quectel’s 5G modules: Leading the way in IoT innovation


  • The current deployment status of 5G networks
  • The real differences between 4G and 5G
  • Why organizations should select 5G for IoT
  • The barriers to 5G IoT adoption
  • Six real-life use cases that show 5G’s value in IoT


IoT Antennas – Accelerate IoT device time-to-market by combining antennas and modules

Alongside connectivity and power, a third area – the antenna – needs to be equal attention because of the fundamental impact it has on device performance. The antenna is the means by which an IoT device receives and sends signals to the outside world and therefore is a fundamental element of an IoT device. However, antenna decisions are often neglected until the end of the development process, resulting in unnecessary compromises and sub-optimal siting of antennas that could have been avoided with better planning and design.


How to fulfil the requirements of the next generation connected car


  • The state of play in automotive IoT
  • The role of connectivity in different automotive capabilities
  • Production forecasts for C-V2X vehicles
  • Market projections for connected vehicle services
  • Technical challenges for the smart vehicle market
  • Which Quectel modules can support your applications


Quectel’s GNSS positioning modules deliver unrivalled performance for all tracking applications


  • What are the challenges for GNSS in eMobility?
  • How to find the right technology for your application
  • Read our e-scooter case study

Why LTE Cat-1 is transforming cellular connectivity

Our new white paper considers the market potential of Cat-1, some of the use cases it best serves, and how it can be integrated into existing networks. Through analysis of how Cat-1 compares with similar technologies, and under which circumstances it may be the appropriate choice, we show how Cat-1 supports a range of applications including smart grids, connected mobility and wireless payment. Whatever your organization’s need, if the standard calls for it, our portfolio of Cat-1 modules can provide you with the optimal link between device and network.


Why cellular connectivity provides the robust, secure foundation for new revenues in smart metering


  • The regions driving AMI growth
  • The challenging deployment landscape
  • The benefits of selecting LPWA

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