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  • GNSS module
  • 22.0mm × 24.0mm × 2.55mm
  • Approx 2.5g
  • GPS + GLONASS + Galileo + BDS + QZSS
  • Operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C
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Key features

  • Multi-satellite systems parallel: BDS, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS
  • Dual antenna high precision orientation
  • Supports GNSS + MEMS combined attitude measurement
  • Integrated LNA for high sensitivity
  • Integrated SAW filter for noise cancellation
  • IPEX connectors allowing for connection to external antennas


The LC02H is a high-performance, low-power positioning and orientation GNSS module, which provides concurrent multi-constellation support including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS and QZSS.

The LC02H contains two independent satellite navigation receiver chips and uses a built-in custom dual antenna orientation algorithm with short initialization time and high reliability. Whether stationary or moving, it can output high-precision heading, pitch, and other measurement information in real time. Furthermore, by utilizing the optional internal IMU, the LC02H can measure the roll angle of the device to which it is securely mounted and precisely determine the device’s complete three-dimensional attitude (heading angle, pitch angle and roll angle) by processing the collected satellite measurements.

The built-in LNAs and SAW filters enhance the sensitivity and anti-jamming capabilities of the LC02H and ensure superior performance in diverse and challenging environments. The module integrates advanced low power management to ensure efficient GNSS positioning for battery and power sensitive designs.

Being able to process high-precision device attitude and orientation at low power levels makes the LC02H well-suited for applications such as antenna positioning, construction machinery posture control systems, geological monitoring devices, precision agriculture as well as vehicle and ship positioning and orientation systems.

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Documentation and resources

  • Quectel_LC02H(BA)_Dual-Antenna_Heading_Application_Note_V1.0

    249.79 KB


    377.51 KB

  • Quectel_LC02H(BA)_GNSS_Protocol_Specification_V1.0

    331.49 KB

  • Quectel_LC02H(BA)_Hardware_Design_V1.0

    1.45 MB

  • Quectel_LC02H(BA)_EVB_User_Guide_V1.0

    3.13 MB


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