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  • POT GNSS module
  • 18.4mm x 18.4mm x 6.45 mm
  • 7.6g
  • LCC package
  • 99 acquisition channels and 33 tracking channels
  • Operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C
  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS
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Key features

  • Embedded patch antenna
  • Ultra-low power consumption in tracking mode (26mA)
  • Automatic antenna switching function
  • Supports short circuit protection and antenna detection
  • Built-in LNA
  • Supports EASY
  • Supports AlwaysLocate
  • Supports LOCUS
  • High sensitivity: -167dBm during tracking, -149dBm during acquisition
  • Balloon mode enables altitude of up to 80km
  • Multi-tone active interference canceller for anti-jamming
  • PPS VS. NMEA can be used for time service
  • Supports SDK commands developed by Quectel


The L86 is a POT (patch antenna on top) GNSS module with 99 acquisition channels and 33 tracking channels. It is designed to be compatible with Quectel’s GPS L80 module to provide a flexible and scalable platform for migrating from GPS to GNSS. With an LCC package, integrated patch antenna and new generation MediaTek MT3333 GNSS chipset, the L86 has exceptional performance both in acquisition and tracking, and its space-saving design makes the module ideal for miniature devices. The L86 combines EASY (Embedded Assist System for self-generated orbit prediction) with LOCUS (internal logger) and AlwaysLocate to achieve excellent accuracy with low power consumption.

The EASY allows the module to calculate and predict orbits automatically using up to 3 days of ephemeris data stored in the RAM, so it can fix position quickly and with low power consumption, even when signal levels are lower. The LOCUS  allows the module to log position information to the internal flash memory at default intervals of 15 seconds, typically providing more than 16 hours log capacity without extra cost. AlwaysLocate allows the L86 to adjust the on/off time adaptively to achieve balance between positioning accuracy and power consumption, according to environmental and motion conditions. The L86 also supports automatic antenna switching, switching between internal patch antenna and external active antenna while maintaining positioning.

The L86’s ultra-compact design, low cost and low power demands, combined with its excellent precision and high sensitivity, make the L86 suitable for a broad range of IoT applications such as portable devices, automotive, personal tracking, security and industrial PDAs. The module is especially suitable for special applications like GPS mouse receivers and on-board diagnostics.

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Documentation and resources

  • Quectel_Lx6&LC86L&LG77L_Firmware_Upgrade_Guide_V1.2

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  • Quectel_L80&L80-R&L86&LC86L_EVB_User_Guide_V2.1

    1.24 MB

  • Quectel_LG77L(C)&Lx0&Lx6&LC86L_Series_GNSS_Protocol_Specification_V2.2

    762.10 KB

  • Quectel_L8x&LC86x_Series_Difference_Introduction_V1.1

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    1.33 MB

  • QGNSS_V1.10_EN

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  • Quectel_GNSS_FOTA_User_Guide_V1.0

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