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GNSS L26-DR series

  • GNSS module
  • 12.2mm × 16.0mm × 2.3mm
  • 0.9g
  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS and QZSS
  • Operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C
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Key features

  • Built-in LNA
  • Embedded 6-axis MEMS sensor (3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope)
  • Wheel tick input
  • Supports dead reckoning
  • ADR/UDR function differentiated by OC


The L26-DR is a series of concurrent multi-GNSS modules supporting dead reckoning function. The modules are equipped with a powerful GNSS core and a 6-axis IMU composed of a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope. The L26-DR series provides an outstanding performance and is easy to integrate. The modules are designed and manufactured according to IATF 16949: 2016 standard.

The L26-DR series supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS and QZSS constellations. This multi-constellation feature guarantees accurate navigation in harsh environments such as dense urban canyons. The dead-reckoning feature enables reliable positioning performance, even when GNSS signals are absent or compromised. The integrated LNA improves the module’s performance under signal-challenging conditions.

Compared with single GPS system, the enabling of multiple GNSS systems generally increases the number of visible satellites, reduces the time to first fix and improves positioning accuracy while driving through dense urban canyon environment.

The superior performance of the L26-DR series makes it ideal for automotive and industrial applications, such as vehicle tracker, T-BOX and vehicle navigation system. Besides, its ultra low power consumption makes it suitable for power-sensitive devices.

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Documentation and resources

  • Quectel_L26-DR(UDR&ADRC)_DR_Application_Note_V1.1

    546.71 KB

  • Quectel_L26-DR_EVB_User_Guide_V1.2

    3.39 MB

  • Quectel_L26-DR&L26-P&L26-T&LC98S_Series_GNSS_Protocol_Specification_V1.3

    853.76 KB

  • Quectel_L26-DR_Series_Hardware_Design_V1.5

    681.36 KB

  • Quectel_L26-DR&L26-P&L26-T&L89&LC98S_Firmware_Upgrade_Guide_V1.0

    224.24 KB

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