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simplifying device certification

New Quectel white paper details how to accelerate, simplify and optimize IoT device certification

Vancouver, May 2023 - Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global IoT solutions provider, has published a new white paper titled ‘How to accelerate IoT device launch with optimized certification’. The new paper details the complexities associated with achieving certification across different geographies and jurisdictions and describes often overlooked tasks and compliance burdens. In addition, the paper assesses the relative merits of attempting to handle certification in-house, utilizing certification agents or selecting pre-certified components to help speed up the approvals process.

IoT device certification has become increasingly important due to its potential to cause bottlenecks in product or service introduction. The paper reports that too often certification has been seen as an afterthought with its impact only understood when lack of certification prevents a product launch. The Quectel paper instead advocates considering certification, across all the relevant dimensions, at the earliest stage and planning for a smooth process alongside device development.

Quectel has recently announced the launch of its own range of Testing and Certification Services, providing customers with a comprehensive portfolio of professional services and management tools., Quectel Certification Services is designed to meet the unique certification needs of customers across various industries and technologies.

“Quectel has become so experienced and adept at navigating the challenges of certification that we can now achieve a six-to-eight week certification process for Quectel module customers’ devices based on pre-certified Quectel modules,” said Seungryoul Yoon, North America Certification Director, Quectel Wireless Solutions. “That is in contrast to going directly to certification organizations which can result in it taking up to six months to gain certifications. For many IoT use cases a six-month delay to launch is unacceptable and could make or break a proposition in markets where being first-to-launch is a critical differentiator.”

By offering a range of professional services and management tools, Quectel Certification Services is able to customize solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer. This enables customers to have a smooth process for IoT device certification and avoid potential delays in product launch. Quectel is able to support a multitude of customers in all markets, providing an in-depth global view of certification demands across nations. This knowledge and experience, which would be expensive and time-consuming for all but the largest corporations in the world to build for themselves, is now easily available to Quectel's customers.

To read the white paper, visit https://www.quectel.com/library/iot-device-certifications-white-paper

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