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Sensoneo selects Quectel IoT modules for smart waste systems

Sensoneo, a global enterprise-grade smart waste management solutions provider that enables cities and businesses to manage their waste efficiently, reduce their environmental footprint, and improve the quality of services they provide has selected a range of IoT modules from Quectel Wireless Solutions. The company utilizes its smart waste management technology to address lack of efficiency and transparency, the greatest challenges the waste management industry faces. Sensoneo reports that its solution enables customers to achieve 30-63% reductions in waste collection route kilometers and 97% accuracy regarding actual waste production. Sensoneo hardware, developed by the company’s in-house R&D teams and enabled by IoT networks, has been installed in more than 60 countries through its reseller partners. 

In order to achieve connection to IoT networks, Sensoneo chose Quectel’s LTE BG96, GNSS LC86L and GNSS L86 IoT modules which meet all its needs. The Quectel BG96 is an LTE Cat M1/Cat NB1/EGPRS module offering maximum data rates of 375 kbps downlink and uplink. It features global frequency bands, ultra-low power consumption, and is compatible with Quectel’s LTE Standard module EG91/EG95, LPWA module BC95-G/BG95, UMTS/HSPA module UG95/UG96 and GSM/GPRS module M95.

The LC86L is an ultra-compact GNSS module with an integrated patch antenna on top and a GNSS chipset engine (AG3331) that can support two GNSS constellations and offers 33 tracking channels, 99 acquisition channels, and 210 PRN channels. Finally, the L86 is an ultra-compact GNSS patch on top module with an embedded 18.4mm × 18.4mm × 4.0mm patch antenna. Designed with a compact and unified form factor, it provides a flexible and scalable platform for migrating from GPS to GNSS. This space-saving design makes L86 an ideal module for miniature devices. 

The Sensoneo solution combines smart sensors that monitor waste in real-time with advanced tracking equipment and sophisticated software providing cities and businesses with digital transformation, automation of critical daily operations and data-driven decision making which results in transparent waste streams, optimization of waste collection routes, frequencies, and vehicle loads, and the ability to easily introduce pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) programs. The sensors are robust, water and shock-resistant and offer functions such as fire alarm, tilt recognition and other features.

“Our smart sensors are designed for monitoring fill level in bins and containers using ultrasonic technology,” explains Jaroslav Galas, the CTO of Sensoneo. “The sensors transfer data via all currently available IoT networks and/or GPRS. None of this would be possible without reliable data transfer via IoT networks. Using Quectel communication modules we rely on the company’s expertise and high-quality components. In order to build resilient, elegant and smart hardware, Sensoneo engineers rely only on components from market leaders such as Quectel.”

“We chose Quectel IoT modules because of their quality and reliability,” adds Galas. “Sensoneo’s smart city and smart waste technology is a new concept and customers and clients can be hesitant when it comes so deploying new technologies so the first step towards gaining their trust as a reliable partner is to offer first-class hardware. The Quectel name resonates in the market and assures our customers that we use only the best when building Sensoneo hardware.”

Sensoneo Smart Sensors are available in EMEA and both South and North America and are helping to achieve substantial reductions in carbon production. The firm reports customers benefit from an overall waste collection cost reduction of at least 30% and carbon emission reduction of up to 60% in cities. Quectel smart IoT modules were selected because of the quality, availability and versatility Quectel is able to provide across its large portfolio of IoT modules.

“We’re delighted that Sensoneo has selected Quectel’s LTE BG96, GNSS LC86L and GNSS L86 IoT modules to power its smart city and smart waste solutions and enable its customers to make substantial cost savings as well as achieve operational and environmental efficiencies,” said Alexander Bufalino, VP Marketing at Quectel Wireless Solutions. “Waste collection is a tough and demanding environment so high quality modules and devices are required to ensure effective performance. We are pleased that Sensoneo has identified the quality and performance our modules offer and is using them to help customers build a smarter world.”