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RTK Correction Services

Partnering with the best for affordable and accurate mass-market RTK

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By collaborating with top-tier global real-time kinematic (RTK) correction service providers, the Quectel RTK Correction Services program delivers RTK and GNSS positioning services to our customers. Our bundled solutions include RTK modules, antennas and RTK correction services for a wide range of mass-market applications.

Our global solution ensures top performance and compatibility, working seamlessly with our GNSS RTK modules for easy worldwide adoption. In partnership with top-tier providers, we offer scalable service plans to meet any need. All partner solutions are pre-tested for compatibility and support RTCM/NTRIP protocols. We focus on mass-market applications such as consumer robotics, automotive, micromobility, smart agriculture, telematics, marine, mining and sports.

Achieve cm-level accuracy tailored to your global, regional and application-specific IoT project needs

Unique bundled solutions – we include high-precision GNSS and RTK modules and antennas optimized for your specific application

Future-proof, comprehensive coverage via triple band L1+L2+L5 corrections – supports legacy L1+L2 receivers and new L1+L5 receivers

Tier-one partnership program – we can select the best, most cost-effective RTK correction services for your application

Flexibility – scalable to millions of devices, our service ensures flexibility for any size deployment

Works with industry-standard protocol RTCM – no proprietary implementation protocols

Universal compatibility – works with any RTK receiver, including Quectel RTK-enabled LC29H and LG69T modules

Expert global customer support

Expert antenna services – consulting and tuning to optimize performance

RTK demo video

Limitations in the accuracy and reliability of traditional GNSS have created implementation challenges for mass-market IoT devices such as e-scooters.

In this short video, we show how RTK can allow positioning solutions to achieve cm-level accuracy and consistent accessibility via advanced high-precision RTK GNSS modules such as our LC29H series. You can also read our white paper on how RTK helps ensure the accuracy of newer applications such as autonomous lawnmowers via the button below.

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Our expert teams can help you overcome common challenges including multipath effects, ionospheric and tropospheric delays, poor satellite geometry (GDOP), and signal obstructions from buildings or trees. We can also reduce your long convergence and initialization times, ensure signal integrity and boost reliability. Get in touch via the form below to discover how Quectel’s RTK Correction Services can meet your industry’s positioning needs.

Choose Quectel RTK Correction Services and discover how we can transform your IoT project