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Patrick Qian

Patrick Qian

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Qian is CEO of Quectel and Chairman of its Board.

As one of the first engineers in China to dedicate his career to wireless module development, Patrick is a leading expert on wireless technologies, with unsurpassed insight into trends and opportunities in the module industry.

Since co-founding Quectel, Patrick has set the company’s business strategy, ensuring focus on the future of IoT technologies, and on exploration of international markets. Patrick’s emphasis on continuous targeted investment in emerging technologies has enabled Quectel to be a pioneer in 5G, NB-IoT, automotive, and Android smart modules.

Under Patrick’s leadership Quectel has successfully expanded its global footprint, with a constantly growing portfolio of IoT modules and antennas, supported by superior customer services. Quectel is today a truly global company in terms of development strategy, business organization, R&D, resource allocation, executive management team and wider staff.