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    • Automotive Wi-Fi&Bluetooth&UWB: AF20
    • LPWA: BG600L-M3, BG77, BG770A-GL, BG772A-GL, BG773A-GL, BG95 series, BG950A-GL, BG951A-GL, BG952A-GL, BG953A-GL, BG955A-GL, BG96
    • LTE Standard: AG35-CEN, EC20-CE, EC200A series, EC200S series, EC200U series, EC21 series, EC25 series, EG21-G, EG21-GL, EG25-G, EG25-GL, EG800K series, EG800Q series, EG810M-EU, EG91 series, EG912N-EN, EG912U-GL, EG912Y-EU, EG915N series, EG915Q-NA, EG915U series, EG916Q-GL, EG95 series, EG950A series
    • Wi-Fi&Bluetooth: FC20, FC21, FC30R, FC80A, FC905A, FC909A

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