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Developing applications for standalone Wi-Fi modules

Quectel experts explain the essentials around developing applications for standalone Wi-Fi modules

The more the capabilities of Wi-Fi connectivity continue to improve, the more firmly rooted it becomes in our communications infrastructure - it can therefore play a crucial role in connecting many IoT applications that do not require mobility, such as those in our homes and workplaces. In this Masterclass, our experts explain the key applications for standalone Wi-Fi MCU modules, and how these can be developed. By using the QuecOpen platform, developers have the best possible tools to create Wi-Fi applications. The webinar includes best practices for performance optimization and integration with other systems. We’ll also be giving a hands-on demonstration designed to give you the best start on creating the best possible applications for Wi-Fi modules.



Wi-Fi MCU (standalone) module portfolio and vertical markets

QuecOpen for MCU modules

Demonstrating application development with QuecOpen

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