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Amazon Sidewalk: “the Internet for Things”

Amazon Sidewalk is a secure community network that uses Amazon Sidewalk Bridges, such as compatible Amazon Echo and Ring devices, to provide LPWA cloud connectivity for third-party IoT devices. Amazon Sidewalk’s highly encrypted technology uses small portions of internet bandwidth from millions of participating Sidewalk Bridges - everyday IoT devices found in communities and organizations around the world - to provide widespread wireless connectivity. A best-in-class developer journey supported from Amazon, one of the world’s leading innovative companies gives developers the opportunity to build the intelligent apps, services, and devices needed to create the smart enterprises, homes, neighbourhoods, cities and campuses of the future.

Quectel's KG100S Amazon Sidewalk module makes launching and maintaining connected IoT devices and solutions quick, easy, and low-cost. It is designed to provide persistent connectivity to devices that are outside of the range of typical home IoT networks. Amazon Sidewalk modules also allow IoT devices to automatically connect, at no network connection cost, which removes the need for manual onboarding through a mobile device or application. By doing this, Amazon Sidewalk can bring connectivity to everyday objects inside and outside the home – kitchen appliances, gas sensors, lawn sprinklers, mailboxes, keys, faucets, trash cans, pet trackers, street lights – instantly connected out-of-the-box through Amazon Sidewalk, fulfilling the promise of a connected world.

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What is Amazon Sidewalk?

Why developers should be interested in Amazon Sidewalk (coverage/range, developer journey, instant connection/automatic pipe to the cloud)

Use cases (sensor monitoring, tracking, smart homes, etc.)

Why Quectel collaborated with Amazon Sidewalk to develop the KG100S

Technical details of the KG100S

Who can benefit from using the KG100S?

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