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Nordic ID HH83 futureproof handheld reader accelerated by Quectel smart module

In our digitalized world, items are tagged so they can be tracked in Warehouse, Logistics, Retail and Maintenance management. A reliable and fully integrated tracking system is therefore of great value to these markets. It saves staff from time-consuming and labor intensive manual tasks and also increases stock accuracy and efficiency.

Nordic ID developed its futureproof and timeless handheld reader, the Nordic ID HH83, for quick and reliable data collection whether for barcode or UHF RFID reading. The modular design works with barcode and RFID locations, so you just need to upgrade instead of replacing your last generation device. The reader uses the Android operating system and has a large screen, making it ideal for easy application development. Key advantages of the Nordic ID HH83 include: an ergonomic design focused on comfortable use, powerful industrial-level RAIN RFID performance, a full working day on a single charge, and many more.

Quectel SC600Y Smart Module is integrated into the Nordic ID HH83. The Quectel Smart Module is a small form-factor, ready-to-use, computing and communication solution in a single stock keeping unit (SKU) which comprises application agnostic hardware and software for developing an embedded product. The Omni package also features LCM and a camera interface as well as a wide range of other interfaces. The Nordic ID HH83 enables implementation of multiple functions within a space saving form factor.


Nordic ID, founded in Finland in 1986, is Europe’s leading provider of state-of-the -art item tracking devices as well as real-time inventory management solutions and services. Nordic ID’s end-to-end solutions are supported by PaaS (Platform as a Service) cloud services to enable customers to simplify their tedious, routine processes related to item flow tracking and management. Its full line of RFID tracking devices and the customizable, adaptable cloud platform are used in extensive application scenarios. Nordic ID products can be found not only in boutique, retail stores, moving equipment, but in challenging environments like aircraft maintenance processes and subway tunnel construction.

“The Quectel Smart Module is the best product for embedded system designers,” said Paul Murdock, Corporate Development at Nordic ID. “The Quectel SC600Y combines computing, connectivity, and storage in a single module. As cellular connectivity offers an excellent pipe, the devices can be seamlessly connected to our cloud platform Nordic ID Radea. The advantages of buying the Smart Module off the shelf outweigh the approach of developing it in-house.”

“The Smart Module not only offers significant cost saving, but also will accelerate time to market, increase reliability and product quality,” said Brian Conrad, Quectel’s Regional Sales Manager, North Europe. “In fact, the design will change to be more application and software oriented rather than hardware focused. This can be considered a paradigm shift since OEMs/ODMs will mainly focus on end user requirements, vertical market needs and push to market campaigns. This makes innovations simpler, faster to reach target markets while also optimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With all the competitive advantages of our Smart Module, Quectel is now a leading player in the IoT value chain. We are proud to collaborate with Nordic ID to offer even more innovative devices to the market.”