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Quectel enables Tecnnic to add tracking to its industrial equipment systems with no additional cost to its customers

Tecnnic, a designer and manufacturer of embedded systems for mobile industrial equipment such as cranes, tractors, excavators and road building vehicles, has selected the Quectel GNSS LC76G AB module to enable satellite and internet connectivity to its products. The company, which is headquartered in Criciuma, Brazil, was founded in 2001 and was keen to add tracking functionality to its systems by enabling GNSS and Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity. Tecnnic’s most popular products, which are sold across South America, include an inclinometer that is used to prevent instability in tipper trucks and the company’s line of remote controls for mobile cranes.

“Our products measure different safety variables and provide safer operation,” explains Jhonatan de Oliveira Simon, Engineering Manager at Tecnnic. “The product logs all useful information, keeping track of dangerous situations with time and, with the tracking functionality, now location. Reporting can be performed locally via the app or remotely via the internet in case of any accidents or also for quick check-ups. As our products are in most cases already installed in equipment such as trucks and cranes, implementing GNSS and internet connection via Wi-Fi or LTE provides real-time tracking for those vehicles.”

To enable the connectivity that accurate location tracking demands, Tecnnic selected the Quectel LC76G AB, taking advantage of Quectel’s complete solutions portfolio by also specifying the Quectel YFGA002AA flat patch antenna for its devices.

How the LC76G enables GNSS tracking in industrial equipment

The Quectel LC76G GNSS module supports concurrent satellite reception of GPS, GLONASS, BDS, Galileo and QZSS. The LC76G is designed to be compatible with Quectel L76 and L76-LB modules, which Tecnnic has previously utilized, allowing for smooth migration between modules. The LC76GAB measures 10.1mm x 9.7mm x2.4mm and has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. In contrast to single constellation receivers, the LC76G module, by enabling multiple GNSS constellations, increases the number of visible satellites, reduces the time to first fix and improves positioning accuracy, especially when driving through dense urban canyons.

The main challenge was certainly finding a solution for which costs could be relatively low, yet with reliable performance costs. With competitive costs and efficient local team contact, we found it would be easier to implement Quectel modules.

Jhonatan de Oliveira Simon, Engineering Manager, Tecnnic

By combining the Embedded Assist System (EASY), an advanced AGNSS feature, with GNSS Low Power (GLP), a low-power mode, the LC76G achieves high performance with low power consumption and fully meets the relevant industrial standards. EASY technology allows the LC76G to acquire a position fix quickly, even at lower signal levels with low power consumption. In addition, with the GLP technology, the LC76G can adaptively adjust the on/off time based on the environmental and motion conditions to achieve a balance between the positioning accuracy and power consumption.

Power and cost efficiency were key criteria for the module’s selection by Tecnnic as the company sought to extend additional functionality to customers at no extra cost. “We decided to implement position tracking on most of our products without making it optional and without increasing final consumer costs,” says de Oliveira Simon. “The main challenge was certainly finding a solution for which costs could be relatively low, yet with reliable performance costs. The Quectel LC76GAB, and previously the L76LB-A31, have proved to be a simple solution to implement GNSS on our products, with comparable reduced production and development costs.”

Enabling greater functionality without passing substantial costs on to customers has been a key target for Tecnnic. de Oliveira Simon adds that the company selected Quectel, in addition to its competitive cost, because of its fast development time and its ability to provide local guidance with rapid responses to queries. “With competitive costs and efficient local team contact, we found it would be easier to implement Quectel modules,” he confirms.

“We’re delighted that Tecnnic has been able to improve worker safety and operational efficiency for customers by adding GNSS and Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity to its products,” says Ricardo Simon, Sales Director LATAM, Quectel Wireless Solutions. “By adding the Quectel LC76GAB to its embedded systems customers can be assured of having timely, accurate location and tracking data communicated reliably and securely. Tecnnic has gained further efficiency by selecting our YFGA002AA flat patch antenna, taking advantage of our comprehensive portfolio of solutions.”



10Hz33 track/99 acq9600bpsExtra LNAMT3333 chip
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GNSS LC76G series

GNSS LC76G series

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