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What does a smarter world look like?

Quectel’s mission to build a smarter world means creating one free of friction and with greater productivity, wealth, wellbeing, security and environmental conservation. In the context of the IoT, this involves taking things that were previously dumb and making them smart – our first step in a world where everything can be connected and enhanced.

Adding processing power and connectivity to a previously dumb device, such as a sensor, makes it smarter than previously and, when performed at mass scale, this incremental increase in smartness can have a huge impact for so many. Yet such as simple solution is just an early phase in our ambition for the truly smarter world that we hope to build. Yes, connected devices enable the critical fucntion of sharing data in a previously unconnected object, but they should be viewed as the starting point for smartness, not its destination.

Today, the world is building into the second phase of smartness, where a series of adjacent devices or functions align, using connectivity, data processing, forms of artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline processes and automate production, maintenance and logistics. This enables the lights to stay on for longer in the machines that undertake these essential processes – but we want to do more to enable richer, deeper and more valuable information to populate AI, inform algorithms and empower automation.

Why we’re driven to build a smarter world

For Quectel, it’s the wider objectives that inform our philosophy. This is reflected on how we’ve evolved as a company; we began by developing the modules that connect devices, enabling IoT to flourish thanks to our wide portfolio of modules and the smartness we designed into them from day one. Now, we are doing far more, having added antennas, connectivity and device development services to our portfolio.

This is because we are driven by our desire to play a key role in the story of building a truly smarter world. This world is being realized by removing traditional divisions between disciplines and enabling blocks of functional capabilities to be sold in pre-integrated bundles. For us this means a module company can become the provider of a connected sensor – if it invests and becomes an expert in connectivity and antennas, for example.

Smartness cannot exist on its own. It must integrate both with adjacent industries and those further away from its core competency to make leaps forward – this is how innovation continues and smartness increases. This is what we mean when we say build a smarter world: use our expertise in development, innovation, design and connectivity to propel you into new opportunities that add further layers of smartness to the world. Yet a smart world cannot be a final destination, because the world continues to change, and so to, must our goals – to build a smarter world means to adapt to change and find improvements wherever they can be made, helping citizens, enterprise and nature alike.