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Sep 27 2023 13:00 - 15:00 EDT (New York)

Wi-Fi HaLow: long-range Wi-Fi for the IoT

Wi-Fi HaLow: long-range Wi-Fi for the IoT

This Masterclass explains how Wi-Fi HaLow is enabling long-range Wi-Fi applications for the IoT

The Wi-Fi HaLow wireless networking protocol has the potential to transform the IoT. Operating in the license-exempt sub-1GHz range, it allows users to connect IoT devices over a radius of one kilometer – ten times the range of traditional Wi-Fi – making it suited for both indoor and outdoor IoT scenarios such as home and industrial automation, smart agriculture, smart cities, smart buildings, warehouses, retail stores, campuses and more. In this Masterclass, our experts explain some of the common issues and opportunities around Wi-Fi HaLow. They will also introduce the FGH100M, a Wi-Fi HaLow module based on Morse Micro’s MM6108 Wi-Fi HaLow SoC. This module enables lower power connectivity than previous Wi-Fi technologies and can fulfil the needs for multi-year battery-powered IoT devices.

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Common challenges for wireless IoT connectivity

How Wi-Fi HaLow solves these challenges

Wi-Fi HaLow’s advantages in various use cases

Quectel's Wi-Fi HaLow product

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