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IoT certification series: Quectel testing services and self-declaration certification

Our pre-scan service can help achieve self-declaration certification

Quectel’s Certification Services provide a comprehensive certification and testing portfolio and offer a range of professional services and management tools. In this Masterclass, we explain how customers can self-declare their certification. One of the most useful tools in achieving this is our pre-scan service, which covers all regulatory certifications over the world, and includes the full range of testing capabilities required.

Our experts explain the full range of features of our testing labs and outline our competitive pricing structures, which are designed to help as many companies as possible regardless of their maturity. Our Certification Services provide unrivalled debugging support to ensure that your products are safe, secure and get to market as soon as possible. In this Masterclass find out more about how our pre-scan service can help achieve self-declaration certification.



Quectel pre-scan service

Quectel lab pricing

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Achieving self-certification

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