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Antenna design for the 5G mmWave era and beyond

Understanding antenna design for the 5G mmWave era will be critical to the success of many IoT solutions

Effective 5G antennas are crucial to the success of any 5G solution and must be carefully selected – and, with the emergence of new 5G capabilities such as millimeter wave (mmWave) and beamforming, getting antenna selection right is more important than ever. In this Masterclass webinar, participants discuss the latest IoT antenna technologies and design considerations for achieving high data rates, low latency, and reliable connections for mmWave frequency bands. Our experts explain the essentials and challenges around beamforming, massive MIMO and phased array antennas. They also share practical tips for optimizing antenna performance, ensuring viewers come away with the information needed to create world-class IoT solutions.



Introduction to 5G mmWave

Introduction to 5G antenna range

Antenna array - overview

Antenna array - mmWave applications

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