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The 5G chip – understanding how Quectel and Unisoc are creating 5G everywhere

The 5G chip and 5G IoT module are crucial to the widespread deployment of 5G

With 5G-Advanced around the corner, organizations across the IoT are now considering how they can make use of fundamentally enhanced 5G networks. We can expect 5G to play a greater role in connecting complex devices to the IoT, for instance in public transport and unmanned flight. Reaching this point, however, depends on having the right infrastructure and hardware in place. This includes chipsets and modules specifically built for this stage of the 5G era.

In this Masterclass, featuring Unisoc, experts explain how the 5G chip and 5G IoT module will support the many next generation IoT applications. The webinar introduces how to properly design hardware and software structures for Quectel Unisoc 5G modules and achieve a successful end product. Speakers will also discuss the development environment, debugging tools and thermal design considerations needed for building a world-class IoT solution. Join our experts and make sure you don't miss out.

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Introduction to Quectel and Unisoc 5G products

Key features of Unisoc 5G Platform

Introduction to Quectel 5G EVB

Design considerations for BB, RF and heat dissipation

Standard project AT instruction and data flows

YoctoOpen and QuecOpen quick start

Wi-Fi and cellular coexistence solution

Temperature control mechanism

Introduction of debug tools for Quectel Unisoc 5G modules

Typical applications to Quectel Unisoc 5G modules

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