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Smart color sorter

Industrial-scale color sorting can now be achieved with far greater accuracy and speed thanks to smart IoT modules capable of supporting machine compute and edge intelligence, . By using Quectel’s high performance SG560D smart module, smart color sorting systems can be identify materials through a combination of machine vision and edge intelligence capabilities, and automatically sort objects based on color and shapes accordingly.

This smart color sorter application, aimed at the industrial materials management industry, uses the Quectel SG560D smart module based on the Qualcomm QCS6490 chipset, and additional integrated hardware including cameras, lamps, and air guns. With an advanced visual identification system, the smart color sorter solution can manage color sorting of high-volume objects with four cameras working simultaneously to stream video, with an accuracy of less than 1/200000 error rate. It can therefore help reduce operating and labor costs significantly.

The solution is able to detect, recognize, and sort a broad array of textures, colors and materials including food materials such as rice, wheat, corn, soybean, seeds, nuts, salt, and plastic objects such as plastic pieces, plastic granules, plastic bottle cap flake, as well as minerals like quartz stone, quartz sand, pearls, marble, and others.

In this short video, we explain how this kind of smart color sorter works.