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Inside the IoT's earliest 5G use cases

Six verticals that uncovers 5G's value in IoT

5G is already transforming connected life where it has been deployed, with data rates ten times faster than 4G, unprecedented reliability, and ultra-low latency of 1-10ms. 5G’s economic impact however is yet to be truly felt, as the business innovations it supports are only now being fully enabled – but the opportunities for enterprise are now growing rapidly for those equipped to take advantage of this step change in connectivity. Quectel is ready to help your business draw on 5G’s transformational capabilities.

Our new white paper, ‘Inside IoT’s earliest 5G use cases’ , examines real-life examples of how 5G is being used in six key verticals – including agriculture, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, media and smart cities – and considers why and when business should use 5G for IoT applications.


  • The current deployment status of 5G networks
  • The real differences between 4G and 5G
  • Why organizations should select 5G for IoT
  • The barriers to 5G IoT adoption
  • Six real-life use cases that show 5G’s value in IoT

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