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Smart POS and vending white paper

Which connectivity is the smart choice for POS and vending? 

As cashless transactions become the predominant form of payment, businesses of all kinds are finding that wireless, smart POS devices are by far the most convenient and help streamline financial operations.

The global smart POS market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.7% over the next five years, reaching 46 million units by 2025.  This burgeoning market will increasingly be populated with newer generation POS systems much more advanced than their predecessors – meaning they will require a form of connectivity which can accommodate more sophisticated applications.

A network type very well-suited to this role is LTE, which supports high bandwidth and advanced security features to keep user data safe. Quectel offers a wide rand of LTE modules which are ideal for smart POS systems such as the multi-mode SC20 series, or the SC200R series which is also able to support data-intensive multimedia functions. 

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