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New Product Intro: FCM100D Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Module

The FCM100D is one of our latest Wi-Fi & Bluetooth modules - Test and Validation Section Manager Milivoje Miletić takes a closer look in this short video.

FCM100D is a standalone Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 5.2 module newly launched by Quectel which is of industrial standard, high performance and low cost. With a compact size of 24mm × 16mm × 2.6 mm, FCM100D is an ideal Wi-Fi & Bluetooth solution for size-sensitive applications, and helps customers reduce product size and optimize application design cost.

The surface-mount technology enhances its durability and robustness. The LCC package ensures the easy embedding of the module into size-constrained applications, and the advanced package allows it to meet the strict requirements on cost and efficiency of large scale automated manufacturing.

Combined with its ultra-compact size, low power consumption, ultra-wide temperature range and high reliability, FCM100D can meet the requirements of low-flow control and data acquisition applications such as smart homes and industrial control.