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New Product Intro: YEMN017AA, YEMN016AA and YEMA013AA 5G combo antennas

The YEMN017AA, YEMN016AA and YEMA013AA. are three of our most advanced 5G combo antennas - Antennas Product Manager for EMEA Victor Pinazo takes a closer look in this short NPI video.

These ultra-wide-band 5G/4G antennas provides broad coverage from 600-6000MHz whilst backward-compatible to support 3G/2G networks as well at Cat M and NB-IoT. The antennas are designed to work with various GND plane sizes or in free space for ease of integration, with connection via cables of customizable length terminated with SMA connectors.

These omnidirectional IoT antennas are easy to install and offers maximum durability with IP67 & IP69 KIBILAC® ASA enclosures. Quectel provides comprehensive antenna design support such as simulation, testing and manufacturing for custom antenna solutions to meet your specific application needs.