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Asset Tracking

a cargo ship for asset tracking


Asset tracking OEMs adopting LPWA



Low-cost battery-powered tracking solutions by 2023



Customers likely to avoid buying again from late suppliers


Asset tracking applications require the most reliable connectivity and precise positioning capabilities available - our modules provide:

  • Accurate satellite positioning via Qualcomm IZat technology
  • MIMO antennas to greatly reduce errors and boost data speeds
  • Wide temperature range to ensure durability in harsh environments
  • Backward network compatibility for coverage in remote areas
Secure transportation of goods is essential.  Whether the daily delivery of food, medical supplies or consumer goods, ensuring that cargo remains preserved, untampered with and reliably located is central to any economy. Nonetheless, across the globe, asset tracking and management requires serious improvement. In Europe alone, annual losses from cargo theft exceed €8 billion per year, with trucking the biggest target.

The freight industry also faces challenges in preserving perishable goods, with 20-30% losses in food quality attributable to temperature fluctuations in transit. These difficulties are compounded by increasing demand for reliable delivery estimates, with 69% of customers less likely to do repeat business if a purchased item is not delivered within two days of the promised date.

Thankfully, new connected technologies enable continuous tracking of cargo status and location, vastly improving upon traditional methods. Freight and fleet can now be equipped with IoT modules compatible with a range of sensors that can measure and communicate critical changes such as those in moisture, temperature or damage.

Our modules can operate in remote or hard-to-reach locations and offer a range of geolocation technologies, enabling various degrees of status and location monitoring. For assets without a power supply, we provide LPWA modules designed to communicate essential data at low throughput, resulting in ultra-low power consumption and battery lives of up to 10 years.

The logistics industry is now moving swiftly towards IoT asset tracking, with 82% of asset tracking device manufacturers having already adopted or planning to release products with LPWA connections. Significant gains have already been made amongst early adopters - such as companies operating in life-sciences and healthcare industries, which are governed by strict handling regulations - but all manner of companies are now turning to cellular tracking. 

Uptake across sectors is quickly becoming the norm - by 2023, the total market for low-cost, battery-powered tracking solutions will reach 500 million devices, effectively marking a step-change in the modern logistics industry. The twin benefits of operational improvements and cost savings are already helping organisations deliver better value for themselves and their customers - whether it’s vehicle, freight or pallet, our range of secure and reliable modules ensure goods remain safe and on time.