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Quectel BG96 helps municipalities to realize smart waste management

Increasing number of giant cities, municipalities have to tackle complex challenges never seen before, which obviously cannot be managed traditionally. Smart City Solutions are on rise everywhere to support city managers to contemporarily and efficiently solve today and tomorrow’s problems.

Smart waste management is one of many areas where smart cities and businesses can harness technology to modernize infrastructure, improve services, and provide citizens with practical solutions to everyday challenges.

SmartUp Cities is a technology company based in Paris dedicated to using IoT to develop innovative solutions in the area of waste management, environment and sustainable development.

Using Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, SmartUp Cities builds powerful fill-level sensors for containers and smart recycling bins that help cities and businesses reduce waste and increase revenues.

“SmartUp Cities is relying on robust NB-IoT and LTE-M backbone widely available and increasingly are being enhanced by well-known telco operators across the globe. The network offers a ubiquitous IoT connectivity with amazingly cost-effective tariffs, and makes the total cost of ownership suitably low,” said SmartUp Cities CEO Razvan D. Toma. “BG96 is all-in-one module providing whatever our design team can dream for. We could not wait more than a few days to get a sample and commence design, once become aware of its existence.”


Based on Qualcomm’s MDM9206 modem, BG96 is global multimode LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT/EGPRS module with integrated GNSS. It supports FDD LTE frequency bands of B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B26/B28, TDD LTE Band 39 (for Cat M1 only) as well as EGPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz. BG96 offers a maximum data rate of 375Kbps downlink and 375Kbps uplink and is fully compliant with 3GPP R13 of LTE Cat M1 and Cat NB1 specification.

BG96 features ultra-low power consumption and provides pin-to-pin compatibility with Quectel LTE module EG91/EG95, Cat NB1 (NB-IoT) module BC95, UMTS/HSPA(+) module UG95 and GSM/GPRS module M95. It is backward-compatible with existing EDGE and GSM/GPRS networks, ensuring it can connect even in remote areas devoid of LTE coverage. Thanks for proven success stories in different IoT verticals, BG96 is ideal for a wide range of applications such as Smart Metering, Asset Tracking, AVL, Health and Vending Machines.

“In line with Quectel’s ambitious plan to make the world a smarter place to live, it’s indeed very encouraging to witness such contribution through a talented company. We would keep moving forward and support SmartUp Cities team to realize their dream in making cities smarter,” Emmanuel Maussion, Quectel Regional Sales Director France, Iberia, Benelux added that “Simply because in Cellular Based IoT ecosystem only team work would succeed.”