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Emdoor unveils rugged 5G tablet that aids powerline inspections and other hazardous apps

As the latest generation of mobile communications technology, 5G features high-speed, high-bandwidth, and low-latency, and is set to have a huge impact on various industries. When the capabilities of 5G are added to a dust-proof, waterproof and shock-proof rugged tablet specific IoT applications that require higher performance are enabled.

In traditional electric power line inspections, for example, data are collected manually by inspectors, causing an enormous workload along with non-standardized vocabulary, illegible notes, incorrect data entries, incomplete inspections or even inspection omissions. The bigger problem is that first-hand data collected by the staff can’t be transmitted and reported in real time. Therefore, when equipment failures or potential safety risks are detected, they can’t be processed in time, resulting in economic losses.

With the rapid development of IoT technologies including 5G, the performance of 5G-enabled rugged tablets has been greatly improved, solving a series of long-lasting problems in power line inspections and effectively improving efficiency and safety.

Emdoor Information, a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of rugged mobile products has launched its first 5G rugged tablet, the EM-I22K, after multiple tests and debugging. Supporting 4G/5G networks, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, this device delivers peak data rates of 77Mpbs uplink and 790Mpbs downlink in a test on the live 5G network in the vicinity of Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park.

With an EM-I22K 5G rugged tablet, an electric power line inspector can obtain identity, location, running status, line conditions and other information about the equipment by scanning its RFID tag. The information can then be transmitted to the management center in real time via a high-speed and stable 5G network, and the back-end management staff can respond to abnormal situations based on the returned data, which greatly reduces or eliminates any possible losses. At the same time, this device can also locate the inspection staff in real time, which is convenient for managers to monitor inspection processes. Furthermore, the EM-I22K 5G rugged tablet can record the inspection time to provide data for the optimization and upgrade of subsequent inspections.

The EM-I22K is highly reliable in its design and performance. Its reinforced casing ensures it can work normally in harsh environments and severe weather. It satisfies the shock resistance requirements of the US military Standard MIL-STD-810G, as well as many industrial metrics such as ultra-wide temperature range (-30℃ ~+70℃), wide input voltage, 24-hour operation and more.

In terms of power line inspection, even in extreme conditions such as high temperature, rainstorms and severe cold, the tablet can always complete tasks on time with quality guaranteed.

In addition to power inspection, the EM-I22K 5G has also demonstrated outstanding data transmission capabilities and stable performance in scenarios such as fire rescue, oil field inspection, outdoor hydro-power deployment projects and various industries, which can maximize protection of human lives and property as well as improve work efficiency.

The EM-I22K 5G rugged tablet supports the Windows 10 operating system and, with 5G enabled, can greatly increase information processing speed and transmission efficiency. At the same time, the battery and software performance meet rigorous technical standards that ensure fast, accurate and uninterrupted operations.