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ELSYS turns to Quectel EC25 to provide LTE CPE for fixed wireless access in remote areas

ELSYS, a Brazilian technology company that has been providing technological solutions for more than 33 years in Latin America and the United States, has chosen the Quectel EC25 module for its Amplimax – an outdoor LTE customer premise equipment (CPE). The product features an embedded directional antenna for fixed wireless access (FWA) and enables customers to access the internet and make voice calls, even in remote areas. With no obligation to use a specific carrier and easy install, the product is resistant to powder, water and sunlight, and enables a signal that is up to six-times stronger than alternatives.

ELSYS has developed theAmplimax LTE CPE to add to its portfolio of products and services for television, internet, smart home and solar energy that together offer users a complete experience of connected and sustainable life. In addition, the company offers business solutions in security and manufacturing as well as infrastructure for service providers.

Quectel's EC25 enables fixed wireless access in remote areas

“We are using the Quectel EC25 because of its reliability and stability,” confirms Eduardo Tolezani, Head of Product at Elsys. “Our product needs to keep working even when in extreme situations and it also needs to be reliable and stable because it is used to enable FWA. The performance is great, and we have not had any complaints from users about performance-related issues.”


The Quectel EC25 is a series of LTE Cat 4 IoT modules offered in an LCC form factor measuring 32.0mm × 29.0mm × 2.4mm. The EC25 delivers maximum downlink rates of 150Mbps and uplink rates of 50Mbps under LTE, and multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology meets demands for data rate and link reliability.

FWA in Latin America and the USA with the EC25-AF

A success in Latin America and the United States, the Amplimax outdoor LTE CPE brings robust FWA to customers thanks to the capabilities of the Quectel EC25-AF. “The EC25-AF also has all certifications needed in the US in addition to the reliability and stability we need,” adds Tolezani. “We were also attracted by the tier one chipset and the development support and manufacturing quality that Quectel provides.”

Offering an extended temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, the EC25 modules offer industry-standard interfaces and functionalities, such as USB serial drivers for Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11, Linux and Android. These allow the modules to address a wide range of IoT applications including industrial routers, industrial PDAs, rugged tablet PCs and digital signage. “Users who rely on LTE for FWA demand reliable customer premise equipment that can ensure their connection to the internet and their voice calls are not interrupted,” says Ricardo Simon - Quectel Wireless Solutions Sales Director LATAM. “Customers with these requirements are often located in remote areas that have challenging characteristics such as extreme temperatures, so CPE needs robust components. We’re delighted that ELSYS has selected the EC25 in order to power its Amplimax outdoor LTE CPE and reliably connect customers across Brazil, Latin America and the US.”