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Developers pick up the pace and save time with HAE Innovations accelerator kit for Quectel BG96

One of the challenges developers face in bringing new IoT innovations to market is the time it takes to integrate the micro-controller unit (MCU), modem, and sensors to produce a validated, tested, minimum viable product. The lack of an integrated MCU, modem, and sensor library forces many engineers to develop from scratch what thousands of other developers have already implemented, forcing many to invest six to nine months of time and substantial expense.

Engineers can shorten this development period by using pre-certified reference boards as a way to speed up the development process, which traditionally involves integrating with an MCU, RF modem, ensuring radio frequencies (RF) match correctly to antennas and development of sensor management software. Turning instead to an accelerator kit that includes MCU integration with  an RF modem and pre-installed applications software to manage communications with the mobile network, over-the-air (OTA) application bootloader, and wide variety of sensor software options, significantly reduces this routine workload and enables products to get to market faster.

Don’t forget that in the  IoT market success is often determined by being fast to market so, in addition, to savings in development costs, saving time has the potential to not only get to revenues from new offerings more rapidly but also to dominate new opportunities.

A good example of an acceleration kit is the HA1000 IoT Developer Kit from HAE Innovations, which offers developers the ability to get their products to market faster. The kit includes MCU, modem hardware, expandable sensor printed circuit board (PCB) with gerber files available, and pre-installed application software to manage the sensor, bootloader and network communication process. There is also an optional Secure Cloud Service available for those interested in remote device management. This includes user account management, alarms, such as email, text, audio calls, and OTA application updates.

The HA1000 supports LTE, LTE-M and NB-IoT, offering many sensor options and sensor software templates. In addition, the kit is carrier-certified as an end device, offers ultra-low power consumption, has field-upgradeable sensors and can access data plans for any business model.

The RF test solution is available in both Quectel BG96 and BG77 options and is currently certified by Verizon and AT&T test labs as well as other major certification test labs. Users can simply utilize the HA1000 kit as delivered or customize it for a minimum viable product in less than 30 days and then go to volume production in record time.

For more information, you may contact HAE Innovations at or 1-800-423-1847.