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Company values

Our values shape our daily work and enable continuous innovation and improvement

We are devoted to building a smarter world with outstanding contributions to the global IoT industry. To achieve this, we aim to build on our success to date by excelling – even more than yesterday – in everything we do.

Continuous improvement is possible only through tireless effort, a spirit of innovation, and a lasting commitment to challenge ourselves on a daily basis. Our company values guide our daily work, allowing us to meet the expectations of our customers, partners and colleagues.


We can only build a smarter world with the constant dedication of everyone at Quectel. We strive to nurture the fighting spirit of every employee, to achieve more than they thought possible – our inclusive team of international colleagues is defined by its willingness always to improve itself. We win together, not as individuals.


This industry is tough – 80% of module suppliers are acquired or go under through lack of competitive vitality. Our teams have a sense of urgency about their work, and we insist on rigorous and perpetual technical education to maintain our ability to innovate. We are always alert to industry developments and strive to remain at the forefront of vital trends.


Our days are long, and they do not drift from the matter at hand. Our purpose is building a smarter world – that is our role, and we don’t get distracted from it.


We exist to innovate – not only in our technology products, but also in our service and support to customers. Constant exploration of what is possible, and what we can make possible, is what we are about. What is good today is not enough tomorrow – we do not rest.

antmicro smart module baseboard


We have an interdependent relationship with our customers – we only succeed if they do. However strongly we perform, we never forget that our customers are the reason we are here, and so our customers always come first.