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Author: alasdair

Why IoT ODM partners can make the difference between success and failure

IoT ODMs (original design manufacturers) can bring considerable expertise to a project’s development phase, helping streamline design and speed time-to-market A significant challenge for IoT developers and designers is not only to create devices that have the capabilities to deliver on a service idea or use case but also to do so within the constraints […]

Simplifying the certification process can accelerate global product releases

Simplifying the certification process is a must for organizations facing a tight product release timeline or who prefer to focus on core competencies Certification for IoT devices is a process often left until last in the development cycle. But because certification can be lengthy, complex and demanding, leaving too much of this ‘til the end […]

From RedCap to automotive, new capabilities are enabling new 5G use cases

As the industry coalesces around new standards, it opens up possibilities for new 5G use cases The promises of 5G are rapidly materializing into a broad spectrum of use cases, each with unique requirements. As 5G technology matures, new capabilities and variants are surfacing, extending its reach across various applications. With the advent of 3GPP […]

Save cost and gain efficiency with connected remote tank monitoring

Connected remote tank monitoring is a well-established IoT use case delivering significant cost-savings and efficiency gains for suppliers and users of liquids and gases. Supply chain wastage is eliminated and deliveries are made when needed, rather than as part of a schedule. In fact, remote tanks have a vast range of use cases that include […]

Simplify antenna integration to accelerate product release

IoT antenna integration is fundamental to the performance of connected devices. Depending on the use case and device design, there are significant considerations to take into account when selecting antennas. These range from the obvious, such as whether to specify an embedded or external antenna, to the subtle, such as how to avoid interference. As […]

Wi-Fi innovations widen the technology’s appeal across IoT use cases

Wi-Fi innovations are broadening the appeal and lifespan of this go-to technology Wi-Fi continues to be used to connect offices, homes, factories and campuses, and is reinvigorating thanks to recent innovations that improve performance and coverage. The technology, thanks to developments such as Wi-Fi 7 and Wi-Fi HaLow, is now applicable to more use cases […]

Smart IoT modules enable intelligence at the edge

Smart modules are increasingly key to edge computing – the wider industry must understand how to make the most of their potential Across IoT, organizations are looking to control their costs by optimizing the location of their compute power. Some see cloud or edge as the core computing resource – but thanks to the advances […]

Accelerate your market entry with Quectel certification support

Certification support can make all the difference in achieving a timely product release To connect to a cellular network, all devices must have carrier certification. For many organizations, this is a long-winded and complex process well outside the traditional sphere of operation and requires substantial time and effort to prepare certification applications. The challenge is […]