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iot connectivity white paper

New Quectel-sponsored Transforma Insights white paper reveals significant cost savings of eSIM, iSIM and RSP

Shanghai, 15 June 2022: Quectel Wireless Solutions has sponsored a new white paper authored by Transforma Insights that explains how embedded and integrated SIMs (eSIM and iSIM) can achieve cost efficiencies for IoT deployments. The paper, ‘Using eSIM and iSIM will save money for IoT deployments’ reveals that the analyst firm expects the technologies to enable 8-13% savings to be made on lifetime IoT connectivity per device spending by enterprises.

Transforma Insights has undertaken an extensive study of the eSIM, iSIM and remote SIM provisioning (RSP) ecosystem with the aim of detailing the cost implications of various decisions enterprises might make around components and mechanisms for subscription management. The key finding of the research was that on average eSIM devices cost 8% less over the lifetime of the device on a like-for-like basis than those using plastic removable SIM. If that eSIM is part of an integrated module that moves to 11% and even greater benefits come from iSIM, which is on average 13% cheaper than plastic removable SIM.

The report goes on to detail nine cost elements that are directly influenced by selection of different forms of eSIM, iSIM, RSP or subscription management. It also details 30 current use cases in which SIM approach and technology selection can have an impact on cost of IoT connectivity.

“We’re delighted to have sponsored this valuable research work which for the first time reveals the relative merits and costs of new approaches to SIM technology,” said Richard Hart, Director of Global Connectivity, Quectel Wireless Solutions. “The industry is moving way beyond the constraints of traditional plastic SIM cards so it’s important at this time to be able to set out clearly the implications of each new approach. The in-depth work Transforma Insights has done enables the white paper to present substantive figures on the potential cost savings of eSIM, iSIM, RSP and subscription management approaches and ties these to specific use cases. We’re proud to be able to present this valuable data to the industry and are grateful to Transforma Insights for putting it into context and detailing what this can mean for future deployments.”

To read the white paper, visit www.quectel.com/library/connectivity-white-paper

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