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Next Masterclass: 5G RedCap: innovation and opportunities
Feb 16 2023 09:00 - 11:00 PST

iSIM implementation with Quectel modules and Kigen

iSIM implementation with Quectel modules and Kigen

Integrated SIM (iSIM) brings in a new era of flexibility and choice that is also supported by enhanced security for all types of device. By no longer requiring the installation of physical plastic SIM cards and taking away the need to either install SIMs at the point of deployment or to embed market-specific SIMs in factories, costs are reduced and logistics simplified.

This Masterclass, partnered with Kigen, examines the iSIM and how it enables economies of scale for IoT devices. It will provide an overview of the advantages it brings to IoT solutions, and how it can scale your global product deployments.


SIM evolution for business optimization

Overview of iSIM innovations

Quectel and Kigen partnership