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Next Masterclass: Flexible wireless connectivity with external and combo antennas – North America
Feb 27 2024 12:00 - 14:00 EST (New York)

ODM partners are crucial to unique IoT business challenges

ODM partners are crucial to unique IoT business challenges

By providing expertise on device capabilities and technical requirements, ODM partners are crucial to solving unique IoT business challenges

Organizations of most kinds can now make use of IoT solutions to improve their operations and products. Designing and manufacturing IoT devices is not easy however, and frequently requires outside expertise on their broad ranges of capabilities, technical requirements and relative merits. Some for instance may be better at remaining unattended for long periods in harsh conditions, while others may be better-suited to high-data applications. The two of course may not be mutually exclusive, but any business planning IoT deployments must carefully consider the strengths of each device for its intended uses, and how their decisions will affect ROI.

What’s needed is a careful development process followed by rigorous testing – and more importantly an organization that is dedicated to the design and testing of IoT devices. Ikotek is one such organization – building IoT products for any application, either by working from pre-existing product specifications or creating the spec from scratch. In this Masterclass, find out more about Ikotek and the flexibility with which they work to achieve mutual success. Our experts explain the ODM’s unique experience with working in different verticals to deliver various world-class IoT solutions.

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