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From white papers, to videos, to podcasts - our library of resources is here to help you keep track of the IoT’s development, and how Quectel helps its customers succeed in a fast-paced and competitive market

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LTE EG915U-EU module QueXs photo

QueXs No 1: EG915U LTE Cat 1 Module – YouTube Unboxing Video

Fixed Wireless Access white paper

A male relaxing using a smart home device

The IoT Podcast with Dominikus Hierl: 5G and beyond

A male engineer at a work station compiling firmware for smart modules

The dynamics and opportunities of R&D

Robot arms working on a factory line

Smart Modules white paper

IoT Social Impact Award

An introduction to Smart Metering deployments

Aerial drone view of a high voltage power substation.

Why smart meter success is a balancing act


How to optimize meter design for smart utility deployments


Antennas in your IoT build – Understanding deployment considerations


Better by design – how to select your antenna design and optimize your choices


Build a Smarter World with Quectel – Colin Newman & Steafan Sherlock

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