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Why LTE Cat-1 is transforming cellular connectivity

Organizations planning global IoT deployment – or who are simply looking to upgrade from 2G and 3G – have a range of LTE standards from which to choose, and will need to select the specific technology best suited to their needs. Variations between these standards in bandwidth, data speeds, power consumption and more help determine which use cases they support best; between more data-intensive options like LTE Cat-4, and the less demanding NB-IoT, sits LTE Cat-1.

Our new white paper considers the market potential of Cat-1, some of the use cases it best serves, and how it can be integrated into existing networks. Through analysis of how Cat-1 compares with similar technologies, and under which circumstances it may be the appropriate choice, we show how Cat-1 supports a range of applications including smart grids, connected mobility and wireless payment. Whatever your organization’s need, if the standard calls for it, our portfolio of Cat-1 modules can provide you with the optimal link between device and network.

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