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Smart IoT modules white paper

Why smart IoT modules are the enabler for advanced, intelligent edge devices

Our smart IoT modules white paper, made with support from Qualcomm Technologies Inc., explains the capabilities of smart modules, the applications they enable, and the various advantages they offer developers.

Smart IoT modules bring together functions that were previously separate – such as computing, graphics processing, data storage and connectivity – into a single, unified, highly compact item of hardware.

The benefits for IoT developers are clear – specifying smart modules takes away the need to design-in multiple function-specific modules and integrate these into a finished product or device. This means faster development, fewer components, and smaller packaging.

Learn more about how smart IoT modules can support use cases from smart retail checkouts to predictive maintenance, and from worker safety to industrial automation – and how Qualcomm’s purpose-built family of system-on-chips (SoCs) provide the firm foundation on which smart modules can build to enable a vast array of functionalities and interfaces.

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