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New Product Intro: FGH100M Wi-Fi HaLow module

The FGH100M is a Wi-Fi HaLow module designed for long-range, low-power applications - Software Engineer Marija Kovacevic takes a closer look in this short NPI video.

The FGH100M is Quectel’s new long-range, low-power Wi-Fi HaLow module compliant with IEEE 802.11ah standard. It operates in 850–950MHz bands with 1/2/4/8MHz channel width and features 21dBm maximum output power and 32.5Mbps theoretical maximum transmission rate.

Wi-Fi HaLow is an open standard Wi-Fi technology operating in the license-exempt Sub-1GHz range, designed to meet unique IoT requirements, thereby expanding smart home or smart city networks with its Sub-1GHz signal coverage, allowing users to control IoT devices in a radius of 1km.

The surface-mount technology enhances its durability and robustness. The LGA package ensures easy embedding of the module into size-constrained applications to provide reliable connectivity. The advanced package allows for the strict requirements on cost and efficiency of large scale automated manufacturing. With its ultra-compact size of 13.0mm × 13.0mm × 2.2mm, the FGH100M optimizes and effectively reduces end-product size and design cost, and fully meets the demands of size-sensitive applications.

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