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New Product Intro: FCS850R Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module

The FCS850R is a series of high-performance Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 modules - Inside Sales Specialist Jelena Kovacevic takes a closer look in this short NPI video

The FCS850R Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module series features 2T2R in an LCC package and can be used to establish WLAN and Bluetooth connections providing a maximum data rate up to 866.7Mbps. With an ultra-compact size of 15mm × 13mm × 2.3mm, the module optimizes the size and cost for end-products, fully meeting the demands of size-sensitive applications.

Surface-mount technology (SMT) makes the module an ideal solution for durable and rugged designs. The low profile and small size of the LCC package ensure that the module can be easily embedded into size-constrained applications to provide reliable connectivity.

Designed with a reliable SDIO 3.0 interface to provide WLAN capability, the module achieves low-power and high-speed data transmission. This, coupled with its compact size and wide operating temperature range, the module can meet Wi-Fi & Bluetooth application design requirements for consumer applications.

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